Connecting People Apart

By mute, 3 February 2012
Image: Cover artwork: Theo Michael

A free eBook reader compiled from the Mute magazine article archive for the Post-Media Lab, a new collaboration Mute is embarking on that will explore the following themes as part of the overall framework of the lab.

Digital Networks: Connecting People Apart, The Subsumption of Sociality, The Question of Organisation, Acting within Non-Human Ontologies

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Media Lab Culture in the UK by Charlotte Frost, 2011

The Immaterial Aristocracy of the Internet By Harry Halpin, 5 May 2008

InfoEnclosure 2.0 By Dmytri Kleiner & Brian Wyrick, 29 January 2007

Special Insert: Net.Politics (The revolution shall not be criticised?) By Mute Editor, 1998

Open Source Development By Gilberto Câmara, 12 January 2004

Harvest Time on the Server Farm (Reaping the Net's Body Politic) By Roy Ascott, Sara Diamond, Geert Lovink and Pauline van Mourik Broekman, 10 September 2000

Mute in Conversation with Nettime (Pit Schultz) (Digital Publishing Feature) By Pauline van Mourik Broekman, 10 January 1997

Connecting People Apart

ISBN 978-1-906496-78-4 (published February 2012)

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