ZAD – Rematch

ZAD: 4000 grenades fired

On Monday morning, 9 April 2018, shortly before the French police offensive, our friends in the ZAD (Zone á Défendre) circulated this text on the platform lundi.am


The workshop will explore how video is being used in the new wave of distance learning software packages recently termed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). We’ve take the liberty of removing the ‘Massive’ part to demonstrate our preference to examine the learning aspect and to question the motives for this optimistic idea of a wide reach.

Listener As Operator (3)

In its encouragement of a group expression that supports musicians to ‘play beyond themselves’ and to evolve singularities within a shared ‘reservoir of artistic richness’, Howard Slater finds in jazz a response to the experience of slavery; one that evolved outside channels of sanctioned expression, and which preserves and propels a collective being. This is his third column for Mute Music



They Want the Money, So Do We

Madame Tlank reviews Selma James, Sex Race and Class: the Perspective of Winning, Oakland: PM Press, 2012


In anamnesis, Shulamith Firestone


Call For Submissions: Reinvention of Research Workshop

Researching BWPWAP: The Reinvention of Research as Participatory Practice


Call for Participation for an
International Research Conference and PhD Workshop
to be held at Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany,
22-24 November 2012


The Bloomsbury Social Centre is currently under threat of violent eviction from SOAS management.  We need your help. We have been in existence now for three weeks. In that time we've helped organise towards the 30 November Strike, organised tenants' rights workshops, and co-ordinated with student occupations in Birmingham and Cambridge.

Freemasons Of The Future

The Semantic Web, a machine readable representation of everything, is a future that has already started to arrive. The University of Openess’ Faculty of Cartography looks at its dual potential to flatten and diversify the relations between data and existence. By Saul Albert, Simon Worthington, and Fabian Thompsett, with help from Ben Russell, Jo Walsh and Asim Butt.

The Californian Ideology


'Not to lie about the future is impossible and one can lie about it at will' - Naum Gabo

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