Sex, Strikes and Andean Textiles

In her review of Ines Doujak and John Barker’s anthology, Loomshuttles, Warpaths, a materialist history and collaborative meditation on Andean textiles, Vivienne Richmond finds a cat’s cradle of power relations, craft and resistance that extends back centuries and up to the present


Unruly Life: Subverting ‘Surplus’ Existence in Tunisia

Mabrouk Ghodbani from Kasserine, Tunisia shows his stitched lips. Rached was on hunger strike from 24 January 2016 when he decided on January 27 to sew his lips in protest against the interim government.


Taking the case of Tunisia’s Dignity Revolution, Oana Parvan examines the structural connections between the growing global category of those designated ‘surplus life’ by the neo-imperial economy – and by extension, condemned to social and often actual death – and the preconditions of revolution


Taking Potshots at Labour

In their recent networked film project, Ehmann and Farocki produce a multiply authored film installation about global labour that superimposes the problems of contemporary film onto the difficulty of representing capitalism today. Review by Sven Lütticken

A  Godzilla reboot starring Bryan Cranston may be this summer’s big film, but in Glasgow we won’t have to go as far as the multiplex to see a giant green monster demolishing our skyline.

A Stitch in Time: The ‘Orchestrated Networks’ of Bloody Taylorism

From its beginnings, the sewing machine’s role in shaping global capitalism has been crucial. In today’s high-tech and globalised production landscape, little about the actual machine has changed. A fact which keeps costs down and makes sewing a point of intensive value extraction in an assymetrical and retailer oriented system. John Barker ties together the threads linking the likes of Walmart and Primark to lethal garment factory conditions around the world


Performative Equations and Neoliberal Commodification: The Case of Climate

In Vol 3 #4, Mute attempted to wrap its collective brain around the steep abstractions of one of capitalism’s strangest products: HFT algorithms. In this article Larry Lohmann, describing capitalism’s process of making unlike things alike, extends the analysis to cutting-edge attempts by states and markets to commodify climate


Human Resolution

Harry Sanderson reflects on the economy of networked image commodities and the chains of labour which underpin their appearance


There is a relation, largely avoided and unexplored, between the ubiquity of digital commodities, and the capacity of these devices to reproduce and maintain a necessary insouciance towards the exploitation and violence required for their continued production.


New issue of Insurgent Notes is up at

Burn-out in the Global Call Centre

Friends of the call centre worker’s inquiry collective, Kolinko, update their work a decade and a global crisis later, from massive outsourcing to India to digital ‘on-shoring’ in the West


Press Release June 27 2012
Orbits of Responsibility for a War Crime from a
Bosnian mine to London’s Olympic Park

On July 2 2012 London’s Olympic tower — the ArcelorMittal Orbit — will be
reclaimed as A Memorial in Exile by survivors of the Bosnian concentration
camp at Omarska, now a fully-functional mine operated by ArcelorMittal. Iron
ore and profits extracted from Omarksa have been used to manufacture
London’s newest landmark.

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