Eleven Pro-tips for Art plus Internet

In his review of the Whitechapel Gallery’s Electronic Superhighway (2016 – 1966) exhibition, Matthew Fuller immerses himself fully in the minds of its curators


We Hate the Users: An Interview with UBERMORGEN

Several decades after the birth of artivism and net art, UBERMORGEN continue to make art with and about networked society. But where net art 1.0 was largely critical of capitalism’s use of networks, today UBERMORGEN’s tactics work through an aesthetics of affirmation. Interview by Stevphen Shukaitis


On Wikileaks, Bitcoin, Copyleft - Three Critiques of Hacktivism

and collects

  * Wikileaks - The State Persecutes its Idealists
  * Bitcoin - Finally, Fair Money?
  * Free Property – On Social Criticism in the Form of a Software Licence

The pamphlet is available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI format at:


Fellowship of the Wrong

Is the age of accelerationist finance and High Frequency Trading really a kind of science fiction, or is it more like (digitalised) Tolkien? Benedict Seymour offers a Marxist-Tolkienist satire of algorithmic reaction, humanist bourgeoisdom, and expanding non-reproduction. Illustrations by Rona Tunnadine


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Having had a rest in 2012, BarnCamp will be back with a vengence in 2013. Go to this page for more information about BarnCamp


The Metamap: a pull-out global map charting Surveillance and Privacy projects

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