Video Vortex XII proceedings: art, archive, algorithms, activism

Video Vortex, an artistic network concerned with the aesthetics and politics of online video, gathered again in Malta for a two-day conference. We were in particularly focussing on bringing new research, theory and critiques of online video– in addition to questions around its integration with social media – to Malta. These proceedings are an edited collection of assembled and annotated video essays living in two instantiations: an online version – located on the web at https://vv12.org, and an offline version – stored on a server inside a VHS case.


Doing More with Less

Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory’s first exhibition in a new building, New Habits, raises crucial questions for Geoffrey Wildanger: what has to happen when one has to do more with less? What, or where, are the 'commons' in austerity Europe?



Momentous and Deflationary Times

A short video conversation between Anthony Iles, Aileen Burns & Johan Lundh, in the context of CCA Derry’s Momentous Times exhibition, which brought an internationalist and confrontational edge to the 2013 UK City of Culture celebrations. Directed by Caroline Heron and produced by CPVN



"It is the flattest and the dullest parts that in the end have the most life."

Robert Bresson

Slave to the Algorithm Talk

At last we have video documentation from Mute's night of talks, noise and music investigating the abstract power of algorithms and celebrating the launch of Mute Vol 3 #4 - Slave to the Algorithm



If dogs sit faithfully at the lowest and highest reaches of human history might they provide a useful guide for exploration of an anthropocene which is both tragic and absurd? Hannah Black reviews Matthew Noel-Tod’s recent film


Video Vortex #9 : video re:assemblies

... coming with some kind of PML-participation:

Video Vortex 9 - reassemblies (Open Call)

28 February - 2 March 2013

Video Vortex 9 – reassemblies

Video as an artifact always has been assembled. Now at this critical stage of digital video culture, it gets reassembled on a new level: between new affordances, attention shifts and the threat of over-regulation and customization, a.k.a. ‘walling’ and ‘gardening’.

Geraldine Goat – The Hard Way To Enlightenment

TheKnowledge – Digital Strategy in Culture

Public Launch!

Eliminating Labour: Aesthetic Economy in Harun Farocki

still from Harun Farocki's Between Two Wars, 1978

Reading across the expanse of Harun Farocki's oeuvre at his recent Raven Row retrospective, Benedict Seymour discovers a profound engagement with capitalism's ongoing crisis of devalorisation. How, he considers, does the eye/machine of Farocki's cinema operate on and within this process?

As if the world itself wanted to tell us something

- Harun Farocki, ‘Workers Leaving the Factory'


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