Weaponise the corpse! Anti-Privatisation Struggle at Sussex University

Four accounts written at different moments during the anti-privatisation struggle at Sussex University over the last two weeks


1. A First-hand Account of the National Demo on the Sussex campus, 25 March 


Everyone Has a Business Inside Them

Pil and Galia Co-Operative Explanatory Capabilities 2010

Stupid Regulators and Greedy Financiers or Business as Usual?

'Populism not Corporate Facism' - Occupation of Zuccotti Park New York, 2011

As the occupy movement in the US this week shifts its attention from the shiny crystallisations of high finance to the hubs of material circulation, Chris Wright reviews Paul Mattick Jr.'s book, Business as Usual, and asks: what is missed by shouting down only one aspect of capitalism?

The Californian Ideology


'Not to lie about the future is impossible and one can lie about it at will' - Naum Gabo

Goods imported into the port of London from Tuesday May 24, to Tuesday the 31 ft of May 1785

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