All the World’s a Platform

A dispatch from Berlin on post-internet art by Jacob Bard-Rosenberg reposted from: http://prolapsarian.tumblr.com/post/105025464662/all-the-worlds-a-platform-dispatches-from-berlin


A short story about information rag picking and unsolicited communication


I am the general manager of the international company IFSD Incorporated and I have a favourable offer for you concerning the world and professional life and what I see as the future. Today I bring you news about the S and R System, and how you might benefit from this information.


Remaking Media Practices – From Tactical Media to Post-Media

If media theory over the last 40 years largely understood media as hopelessly contaminated by capitalism, the quietism implied by this critique also met its challenge in Guattari’s concept of ‘becoming-media’. Here Clemens Apprich revisits key media political debates to imagine post-media approaches in the age of social media


Connecting People Apart - events series

Connecting People Apart Flyer

A Post-Media Lab event series, Lüneburg/Berlin, June 20th - 23rd

Programme: Connecting People Apart

Events booking (free) – http://pml.eventbrite.co.uk Contact info@postmedialab.org

PDF flyer

Rip-roaring Markets and Massive Inequality: An Interview with Paul Mason

Newsnight's engaged economics editor and author of Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere, talks to Peter Carty about global revolution, Chinese female biker gangs and ghosts


Connecting People Apart

A free eBook reader compiled from the Mute magazine article archive for the Post-Media Lab, a new collaboration Mute is embarking on that will explore the following themes as part of the overall framework of the lab.

Digital Networks: Connecting People Apart, The Subsumption of Sociality, The Question of Organisation, Acting within Non-Human Ontologies

The Post-Media Lab: Research Framework - Vision paper

About the Post-Media Lab

Welcome to the Post-Media Lab – http://postmedialab.org

About TheKnowledge

The work of art in the age of digital transition

TheKnowledge borrows its name from the learning and examination performed by London Cab drivers to test their navigation skills of the streets of London. The city’s topography – its neighbourhoods, street names, and short cuts – is internalised by endlessly driving around the city during an arduous training period, at the end of which ‘the knowledge’ is understood to be etched indelibly in their memory.

Reflections on the Arab Spring

Twittering teens or absolutist ayatollahs, men we can do business with or loony autocrats? The media’s proliferation of polarities is a strategy to fragment the connectedness of events and disavow western Realpolitik. Here, Anustup Basu reveals the transnational composition of a Spring that is now a Winter


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