New Model Mute

By pauline, 1 May 2014

As of May 2014, Mute Magazine will be suspending its commercial and office activity but continuing as an online magazine commissioned and edited by the Mute magazine collective.

The organisation is in the process of completing The Post-Media Lab and Common Practice Video Network, projects which it was funded to undertake after losing regular Arts Council England funding in 2011/12. At the end of May it will complete the Aesthetic Education Expanded project, which it has been running with partners from across Europe since 2012.

The present Mute staff, including editors, contributing editors, publishers and our office and projects manager, will from here on in make up the Mute collective.

Working together with Mute's fantastic contributors to produce material for the website, the collective will commission and edit Mute content in the Editorial section of the website. Non-commissioned user submitted content will continue to appear in the Community section.

To mark this new phase of Mute's development, we are launching Mute 'Volume 4'. This follows previous significant changes in Mute's production model or format: Volume I, 1994-2005; Volume II, 2005-2012; Volume III, 2011-2014. We intend to publish most Mute content as both online articles and ePubs, but the large-scale change in our digital infrastructure taking place now means that this may take time to implement.

Mute will continue to provide a platform for antagonistic, imaginative, and critical engagement with the culture and (anti)politics of a system in crisis.

The current Mute collective comprises the following:

Josephine Berry Slater, Caroline Heron, Matthew Hyland, Anthony Iles, Omar Kholeif, Demetra Kotouza, Hari Kunzru, Mira Mattar, Pauline van Mourik Broekman, Benedict Seymour, Stefan Szczelkun and Simon Worthington.

The collective can be contacted with proposals for articles and submissions on collective AT – updated guidelines coming soon.

Please note that we cannot respond immediately and we do not undertake to reply to all submissions, but we will collectively consider all we receive. Please supply contact details and, if we are interested, we will be in touch.

The Mute collective will, in time, very likely develop projects based on and growing out of its archive and history. These will not be managed or resourced via the historical companies Mute Publishing and Skyscraper Digital Publishing, but rather by individuals or groups as and when they are able.

Any ideas for new, archive-based projects should be submitted via the main contact address: collective AT

Mute's publishers, editors and project manager can also individually be contacted with queries on the following matters.

Pauline van Mourik Broekman (pauline AT the Mute archive (analogue, digital and projects); the Aesthetic Education Expanded project; historical Mute subscription terminations and reimbursements, Mute Book sales and OpenMute Press print on demand titles

Simon Worthington (simon AT the website, the OpenMute and AoDL/TheKnowledge projects, OpenMute digital services

Caroline Heron (caroline AT the Common Practice Video Network project

Queries relating specifically to Mute's role in the Leuphana project, Post-Media Lab, should go to Josephine Berry Slater (josie AT and Anthony Iles (anthony AT, and those on Leuphana's Hybrid Publishing Consortium should go to Simon Worthington.

Queries relating to the editorial commissions in Mute's Aesthetic Education Expanded series should go to editor, Benedict Seymour (ben AT