ZAD – Rematch

ZAD: 4000 grenades fired

On Monday morning, 9 April 2018, shortly before the French police offensive, our friends in the ZAD (Zone á Défendre) circulated this text on the platform lundi.am

Notes from Non-Existence

Heinrich Haine takes leave of Common Sense with the perverse claim that some of the working class live in Islington and not all are natural anglo-English born. At least they weren't allowed to vote, then. But why does Mute give a platform to Cosmopolitan Scum?


Your country's dead man, but your continent is soiled

– Triple Negative, Schengen Wasteman


This includes 2 Communiques from friends in Lithuania. The most recent (#2) is followed by the previous (#1). The statements include information about how you might help by showing your support for the resistance to these reforms

A collection of notes, written by a waitress, regarding the mouvement sociale contre le loi du travail (the social movement against François Hollande's labour law) in 2016 in France. La Serveuse chronicles events from the movement’s beginnings in March onward.


Lest We Forget

Field Punishment No. 1, as depicted in a contemporary War Office illustration.

Brian Ashton outlines a catalogue of cruel and harsh treatment meted out on the soldiers of the British military during the First World War set against a background of the use of force against working class struggles in pre-war Britain. Maltreatment of workers and soldiers continued through the entire war, with the shell shocked soldiers subject to sadistic treatments born of propaganda encouraging mistrust of the working class. In what is still a little-told story, of those traumatised by the violence of the war, Ashton brings together the accounts and records that document this period.

Five notes towards averting the most ideologically polarised reactions to Syriza’s victory in Greece (mostly for those not from Greece)


1) Syriza did not win because of Tsipras’ ‘charisma’ or thanks to their winning populist political discourse. They also did not win as part of a surge in social struggles.

Tsipras is not a particularly rousing speaker, nor are most of the leading members of Syriza. Syriza is also not a ‘mass party’ akin to what PASOK had been in the 1980s.

Update: News report and video interviews with detainees recently released from Amygdaleza


'Hunger strike until freedom' [1]

The Balkanist blog is a good place to start looking for reliable coverage of the recent protests in Bosnia and the region, this post collects recent updates (as of Monday 10 February) and a short list of recommended reading.

A letter of support for Irina Putilova from the Post-Soviet left community

Irina Putilova

Irina Putilova, an LGBTQ activist and artist, is in detention at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre. She is scheduled for fast-track removal to Russia where she faces certain imprisonment. The Post-Soviet left community calls on UK activists and public figures to make statements in support of Irina’s appeal and for her immediate release from Yarl's Wood.

Fictitious Capital and Contracted Social Reproduction Today: China and Permanent Revolution

Performers wave large red flags in a large scale live-action show near two theme parks on the outskirts of Wuxiang county in north China's Shanxi province


Loren Goldner traces a circuit from permanent crisis to permanent revolution in the long 20th century

Capital is the moving contradiction, (in) that it presses to reduce labour time to a minimum, while it posits labour time, on the other side, as the sole measure and source of wealth. – Karl Marx, Grundrisse

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