Mute Archive FT Issues Release - 1994-97

Mute FT covers

As part of the ongoing Mute magazine archive project PDFs have been released of the early Mute issues printed on the FT press at East India Dock House, London.

Mute issues 0 to 7 (1994-1997) can be found on GitHub https://github.com/Mute-Publishing

Chronicle of a Crash Foretold

In John Barker’s Futures, an expertly crafted crime novel exploring cocaine trafficking in Thatcherite London, Tom Jennings finds a parable of neoliberalism with considerably broader resonance


Performative Equations and Neoliberal Commodification: The Case of Climate

In Vol 3 #4, Mute attempted to wrap its collective brain around the steep abstractions of one of capitalism’s strangest products: HFT algorithms. In this article Larry Lohmann, describing capitalism’s process of making unlike things alike, extends the analysis to cutting-edge attempts by states and markets to commodify climate


London is a World Class City!

Goods imported into the port of London from Tuesday May 24, to Tuesday the 31 ft of May 1785

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