Adversarial Infrastructure: The Crimean Bridge

Adversarial Infrastructure: The Crimean Bridge

Covid-19 relentlessly exposes the destructive preconditions of capitalism today. But states which 'make work and let die' on a pandemic scale as they systematically murder Black people have at last begun to encounter the resistance they deserve. The movement to end the racist carceral state targets its core institutions: prisons, deportation centres, police stations, as well as key nodes in the logistics and transport infrastructure – the ports, freeways and bridges by which circulation is managed.

Solidarity and Collective Autonomy: An Interview with Woodbine

Woodbine recently published a text on getting organised within the pandemic, ‘Mutual Aid, Social Distancing, and Dual Power in the State of Emergency’.1 They have since transformed their space into a mutual aid organising hub for their neighbourhood of Ridgewood, Queens, and have partnered with a local homeless outreach organisation to start a food pantry.

NO JOKE: Untangling the DNA Code of Alt-Right Comedy

In the run up to Trump’s election, US ‘alt-right’ ensemble Million Dollar Extreme weaponised comedy and post-internet aesthetics to target latent middle and working class resentment. Analysing the tics and tropes of MDE's project to inculcate a new misogynist, white supremacist ‘common sense’, EG Daymare shows how the ridiculers can be ridiculed and refused



The 'working class should have voted Bernie, not Hilary (that neoliberal machine!)' argument is an apology for a racist, because exclusively white, conception of those disposessed by neoliberalism, and a nostalgia for an older order of national(ist), closed-border capitalism – argues Angela Mitropoulos


And I want us to be a country where it doesn’t matter where you were born, who your parents are, where you went to school, what your accent sounds like, what god you worship, whether you’re a man or a woman, gay or straight, or black or white.

– Theresa May, 5 October 2016, Conservative Party Conference


Notes from Non-Existence

Heinrich Haine takes leave of Common Sense with the perverse claim that some of the working class live in Islington and not all are natural anglo-English born. At least they weren't allowed to vote, then. But why does Mute give a platform to Cosmopolitan Scum?


Your country's dead man, but your continent is soiled

– Triple Negative, Schengen Wasteman


Five notes towards averting the most ideologically polarised reactions to Syriza’s victory in Greece (mostly for those not from Greece)


1) Syriza did not win because of Tsipras’ ‘charisma’ or thanks to their winning populist political discourse. They also did not win as part of a surge in social struggles.

Tsipras is not a particularly rousing speaker, nor are most of the leading members of Syriza. Syriza is also not a ‘mass party’ akin to what PASOK had been in the 1980s.

The Jobcentre has not always existed. A glib statement, yes, but one that is always worth reasserting when discussing such a ubiquitous institution (see 'the state', 'the nation', borders and numerous other seemingly transcendental and timeless, yet decidedly modern, institutions). In fact the Jobcentre, taking into account its predecessors, is little more than one hundred years old. During this time, it has taken multiple forms, performed various functions, been branded, re-branded, hidden, celebrated and vilified.

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