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Dusty Mariee

By Xname, 31 May 2013
Image: Marcel Duchamp / Man Ray, Dust Breeding

Dusty Mariee is a live stream from the 19th floor of a tower in East London which responds to the Barbican's Dancing Around Duchamp exhibition. Dusty Mariee uses a Large Glass, a contact microphone, a Gumstix, a Linux Kernel, a Debian server, Icecast, Gstreamer, Ogg/Theora, Git, Javascript, the Balfron tower, a mixer, and some x electronics.




_________la mariee mise a nu



The figuration of a possible.
(not as the opposite of impossibles
nor as related to probable
nor as subordinated to likely)

the possible is only
a physical "caustic" [vitriol type]
burning up all aesthetics or callistics

- Marcel Duchamp


LIVE STREAM from May 14 to June 9

...a brutalist kiss between the Barbican and Balfron with all the dust and air and magnetism crushed between them...

Follow the stream:

More info and documentation on the Barbican website: