Struggle against the Algorithm: A View from the Trenches at Reading University

The pay and jobs dispute at Reading University is just one battlefield amongst many, linked to a broad pattern of algorithmically and financially-driven managerial power that uses the pandemic as an opportunity. It is not a power worth compromising with, argue the authors. 


Crisis in the Cleaning Sector

When in March 2010 police and management connived in the eviction of an occupation at the University of Sussex, people were surprised at the willingness of University senior managers to maintain the ‘smooth functioning’ of their institutions by violent means.

Open Letter from staff at University of London colleges against the criminalisation of student protest

Is the University a Factory?

Reviewing Gerald Raunig’s recent book on the industrialisation of knowledge and creativity, Susan Kelly questions how accurate the metaphor of ‘factory’, with its associated figure of the wage-labourer, really is in these individualising and precarious times



The Emancipated Spectator

Jacques_Rancière the cat and his twin

This is a set of five essays that follow up themes of the equality of intelligence formulated more than 25 years earlier in The Ignorant Schoolmaster (1981) and Proletarian Nights (1981). See my previous blogs (reposted from http://stefan-szczelkun.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/the-emancipated-spectator-2008-this-is.html)


Chapter 1 The Emancipated Spectator

Weaponise the corpse! Anti-Privatisation Struggle at Sussex University

Four accounts written at different moments during the anti-privatisation struggle at Sussex University over the last two weeks


1. A First-hand Account of the National Demo on the Sussex campus, 25 March 



The workshop will explore how video is being used in the new wave of distance learning software packages recently termed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). We’ve take the liberty of removing the ‘Massive’ part to demonstrate our preference to examine the learning aspect and to question the motives for this optimistic idea of a wide reach.


Cash Cows and Job Poachers? Non-EU Students and Austerity Politics

The recent fiasco over the London Metropolitan University’s recruitment of non-EU students has exposed their widespread mistreatment as both cash cows and job poachers. This culture of exploitation, writes Kirsten Forkert, is happening amidst growing opposition to immigration linked to austerity


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