Free speech and the ‘snowflake’

If, as advocates of free speech would have it, to speak the truth is to necessarily cause offence, what, asks Keston Sutherland, is the origin of the threat posed by the ‘snowflake’?


“Muslims are only ever the object in an endless national conversation around Islam, rarely invited to define their own narratives. Homegrown probed, pushed back, and hoped to move representations of Muslims beyond simple caricatures and crude Orientalist fantasies. For trying to do that we feel we were censored.” 

– Nadia Latif and Omar El-Khairy (artistic team Homegrown)

Garments Against Women

Garments Against Women

Garments Against Women by Anne Boyer, Mute Books (European Edition)

First published by Ahsahta Press, 2015.

ISBN: (paperback) 978-1-906496-38-8 price £14 16 €

104 pages, 148mm x 210mm (A5), black and white with colour covers.

Reproducing Autonomy

Reproducing Autonomy cover

Reproducing Autonomy: Work, Money, Crisis and Contemporary Art

By Kerstin Stakemeier & Marina Vishmidt

ISBN paperback: 978-1-906496-99-9

eBook: 978-1-906496-71-5

Mute Books, May 2016

Price paperback £14 15€ $18 - available from your local bookstore via our distributor Anagram or via online retailers.


No Selves To Abolish: Afropessimism, Anti-Politics and the End of the World

No Selves To Defend: Celia

How can ‘solidarity’ be possible in and against the objective conditions that divide us? K. Aarons distinguishes the afropessimist position from the politics of symbolic valorisation or integration, and argues that it is not simply at odds with, but is in fact hostile to identity and privilege politics – whether Black or non-Black. It is the thought and practice of self-abolition that can hope to overcome the present anti-Black structure of humanity.


Nervous Costume

Madame Tlank digresses from and back to Anne Boyer’s Garments Against Women, which is many things. A memoir written by someone without a history. A garment made for no-body. A reproduction fin in a great fleet of sharks


Down With Supreme Whateverness: On Anne Boyer's Garments Against Women


a catalogue of whales that is a catalogue 

Speaking Candour

To mark the release of You Must Make Your Death Public: A collection of texts and media on the work of Chris Kraus, gathered from the Chris Kraus symposium held at London’s Royal College of Art in March 2013, Mute presents Karolin Meunier’s contribution, ‘Speaking Candour’.

You Must Make Your Death Public: a collection of texts and media on the work of Chris Kraus

You Must Make Your Death Public: a collection of texts and media on the work of Chris Kraus

You Must Make Your Death Public: a collection of texts and media on the work of Chris Kraus

Edited by Mira Mattar

Buy on Amazon: UK £10 

PDF download

Down with Childhood and Adulthood

Life under capitalism is a supermax creche in which ‘neither growing up nor working hard will do you any good’. Madame Tlank and Clinical Wasteman anatomise the dialectic of childhood and adulthood as one in which wise children of all ages refuse both ‘maturity’ (or liability) and infancy (captivity). They conclude  with a working definition of ‘adulthood’ decoupled from ‘childhood’: the power to decline to go on living under given conditions

The Emancipated Spectator

Jacques_Rancière the cat and his twin

This is a set of five essays that follow up themes of the equality of intelligence formulated more than 25 years earlier in The Ignorant Schoolmaster (1981) and Proletarian Nights (1981). See my previous blogs (reposted from http://stefan-szczelkun.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/the-emancipated-spectator-2008-this-is.html)


Chapter 1 The Emancipated Spectator

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