100% or Bust: Mute Crowdfunding Update - New incentives and video

By mute, 1 November 2012

Mute Needs You!

As you will now most likely know, Mute has embarked on a crowdfunding campaign for its 2013 contributor budget. We want to continue to pay all of the writers, artists, illustrators and photographers who help generate Mute’s unique editorial content, but this is difficult without core funding. We are now half-way into our campaign to raise a total of £5,500 with only one month to go! It’s been going very well so far (we are at 42% of our target at the time of writing), but with quite a way to go, the urgency of winning further support couldn’t be greater.

It is essential that we reach 100% of our target in the time allocated (28 days to go!) since crowdfunding works on an all or nothing model — if we don’t reach our target, we don’t receive a single penny of the donations that have already been so kindly pledged.

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New artwork Donations - New Incentives
In recognition of our gratitude for your support we are carefully selecting thank you gifts from Mute’s community of contributors. We are excited to announce that we have three new artwork donations to give away – from artists Suzanne Treister, Vuk Ćosić, Anja Kirschner & David Panos, Alberto Duman, John Russell, Johannes Paul Raether, Peter Kennard and Melanie Gilligan on which you can read more below....

Melanie Gilligan


A poster from a series of five made by Melanie Gilligan and Dan Mitchell. These were created for,
and used in, Melanie Gilligan's film Popular Unrest, May, 2010
Unlimited edition. Size A3
For a donation of: £50
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By Melanie Gilligan

Peter Kennard

Peter Kennard's 'Dirty White Gold', 2012
A signed photographic c-type print
Edition of 3. Size 10 x 8in.
For a donation of: £250
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Alberto Duman
Image: Alberto Duman's London Postcards, 2008
A series of 5 silkscreen prints
Edition of 50. Size 70cmx100cm.
London Postcards introduces us to a different perspective on some of London's most well known architectural 'landmarks' past and present. Five conventional, 'postcard style' views of these iconic structures of London have been subjected to a process of textual substitution, maintaining the spatial structure of the photographic image, but remapping each one of its constituent element with a textual, deadpan description of itself.
For a donation of: £200
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By Josephine Berry Slater & Anthony Iles
By Alberto Duman
Johannes Paul Raether
Image: Johannes Paul Raether, Protektorama Smartfonhexe, 2012
An A0 print with a qr-code printed small (10cmx10cm) on the lower right side. 
As featured on the cover of Mute Vol.3 #3.
For a donation of: £30
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By Johannes Paul Raether
John Russell
Image: John Russell, Vermillion Vortex, 2011.
A series of 6 prints
Limited edition. Size A2 (420x594mm). Full colour on 100gsm blueback bond fly poster paper.
For a donation of: £30
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By John Russell
Vuk Ćosić
Image: Vuk Ćosić, History of Art for Airports: Venus, 1998
A DVD copy of early project History of Art for Airports (1998) by the artist Vuk Ćosić. This piece was exhibited at the Slovenian Pavilion of the Venice Biennial in 2001 as part of the show ' per me' also curated by Ćosić. The piece is part of a series of 4 that retails for 7k€
For donation of: £300
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by Frederic Madre
Vuk Cosic at Mute's Public Life Live Event Series

Suzanne Treister

1) A set of four signed HEXEN 2.0/Tarot posters by Suzanne Treister from the
exhibition HEXEN 2.0 at Hartware Media Kunst Dortmund, 2012.
For donation of: £200
2) Suzanne Treister, WWIWWIIWWW, archival giclée print on 220 gsm acid free
cartridge paper. 21 x 29.7 cm, 2010. In an edition of 25
For donation of: £400
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By Cameron Bain
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By Anthony Iles
Cybernetic Magic
By Andrew Pickering

Amy Balkin
Pledge £150 and receive one of two works by *Amy Balkin*
1) A letterpress poster made in conjunction to Balkin's ongoing attempt to create a permanent international commons: *This is the Public Domain* <> - a project referenced in Mute texts by: Hari Kunzru (2004) and Kate Rich (2007). The project is ongoing, and the poster references Bidder 70 (Tim DeChristopher), an American climate activist who was imprisoned for intervening in an oil and gas lease auction on public land in Utah.
2) *While People Sleep the State Dreams* was produced as one of a series of artist letterpress posters to be given away at In Protest at the Berkeley Art Museum in 2012. The statistic 2011 – Report concludes the US government classified 77 million documents in 2010, a 40% increase from 2009. Source: EFF is at the bottom of the poster.
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by Kate Rich
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by Hari Kunzru

Anja Kirschner & David Panos

Pledge £50 and receive a work by *Anja Kirschner & David Panos*
A recent publication, signed by the artists Anja Kirschner & David Panos, published to accompany their new film, Ultimate Substance, 2012. ( Anja Kirschner & David Panos Ultimate Substance 96 pages, dimension: 230x310mm. Texts by Anja Kirschner and Richard Seaford English/German/Greek Secession 2012 Distribution: Revolver Verlag

(Number available: 1)

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