Domino, no, no!

The Domino sugar factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is  currently being torn down and replaced with massive condominiums.

As it happens, these fly-thru-friendly towers (pictured  above) uncannily resemble some absurd drawings for post-9/11 skyscrapers I made back when everyone was supposed to think the real threat of massive destruction was coming from Al-Qaida.

The Technical Composition of Conceptualism

Persistence of the negative

If the last four decades of protracted crisis stem from the increasing productivity of capitalist technology, how does culture index this and how (else) might poets respond to the rise of the machines? Joshua Clover periodises the persistence and restoration of conceptualism within capital’s machinic boom and bust, and considers its fading to be necessarily en route, if not yet complete


Nuff Aura: Absolute Artwork Meets Absolute Desperation

Previously from the Wu-Tang stable


[This little screed was written as a facebook post but seemed worth giving a minutely longer half life... It responds to this article: 


Value-Form and Avant-Garde



The theory of programmatism describes the struggle of labour to affirm itself as a class within and against capital. Here Daniel Spaulding explores the intimate relation between this politics and the inner logic of artistic modernism. If modernism and the value form were once antagonistic but inextricable utopias, does art today exist between obsolescence and abolition? 


Keeping up with the Pavlovs

Critics of the grand enterprise of 'crisis-driven' poverty management often take special umbrage at Michael Gove's educational 'Victorianism'. In this riposte, Danny Hayward blows away the ideological dust from Gove's project for pedagogical reform, revealing a repressive programme for bourgeois 'aesthetic education' whose subservience to the needs of domestic capital accumulation is in fact bang up to date 


A brand new installation for performance


6-22 March 2014

Beaconsfield, 22 Newport St, Vauxhall, London, SE11 6AY

Installation open Wednesday-Saturday 11am-5pm

Performances on Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 7.30pm


Momentous and Deflationary Times

A short video conversation between Anthony Iles, Aileen Burns & Johan Lundh, in the context of CCA Derry’s Momentous Times exhibition, which brought an internationalist and confrontational edge to the 2013 UK City of Culture celebrations. Directed by Caroline Heron and produced by CPVN


The Distribution of the Insensible

Setting out from a strong critique of the aesthetics of Jacques Rancière, Nathan Brown reappraises the relationship between labour, physicality and media understood through the work of artist Nicolas Baier


Clean Digital Dancing

If dance becomes dance only by way of thought, as Stamatia Portanova suggests in her new book Moving Without a Body, what happens to movement and the body, when they’re abstracted into the digital? Review by Marco Donnarumma


A Christmas Gif(t)

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