Designing Politics: God of Money

By Gita Wolf, 13 September 2017
Image: Illustration from God of Money

Visually retold for the contemporary reader, Karl Marx's famous words on money are particularly apt for the world we live in.


A presentation by Gita Wolf at Anagram Books, Saturday 8pm October 21st, Berlin. Hosted by Mute magazine

Anagram Books, Lausitzer Str. 35, 10999 Berlin.

God of Money an illustrated book published by the Chennai based Indian publishers Tara Books. The book is based on extracts from Karl Marx's chapter on money, published in Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844, and illustrated by Maguma.

Published by Tara Books as English and German editions. English ISBN: 978-93-83145-49-2 German ISBN: 978-93-83145-69-0

Marx was a young man at the time, critical and defiant of an emergent world of rampant greed and consumption.

Spanish illustrator Maguma recreates this celebrated rant against the mind-numbing power of money in the context of contemporary developments — where the spread of avarice on a global scale has led to the near death of the commons. In this accordion-style book, Maguma folds open a surreal world which is continually fuelled by an insatiable desire for more.

Thank you to Anagram Books for their support.

Anagram Books Lausitzer Str. 35, 10999 Berlin.

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Karl Marx, Marx’s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 (Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1932),

Illustration from God of Money

Cover God of Money