Sound Changes Sense

In his exploration of the power of music and sonority to reveal forbidden zones of being, Tim Hodgkinson’s aesthetic thought suggests ways to connect with the micro-politics of Félix Guattari. Here, Howard Slater travels to the nether zones opened by Hodgkinson’s recent book Music and the Myth of Wholeness – Toward a New Aesthetic Paradigm


‘Musical experiences … bring a glow to the

background hum of unaccessed memory’

No Stars, no Solos – just Sound, Motion, and Energy: an Interview with John Gruntfest


Given the ephemeral nature of improvised music, it is easily forgotten after the performance. Despite that, the work of saxophonist, poet, and musical event organiser, John Gruntfest, is almost criminally overlooked. Stretching over four decades, Gruntfest has played saxophone in a huge number of ensembles, as well as collaborating with political art and theatre groups such as the Pageant Players, the Motherfuckers, Bread and Puppet Theatre and the Living Theatre.

Call for Issue 2. Corrupting Desires! Technique, Performance and Control

Email to: cesura.acceso@gmail.com

We are currently accepting submissions for Issue 2 of Cesura//Acceso, to be published in June 2016.

Our central theme will be: Corrupting Desires! Technique, Performance and Control.

A Rough Passage to Navigate

Stefan Szczelkun reviews Everard M. Phillips, The Political Calypso: a sociolinguistic process of conflict transformation


Limehouse Town Hall


20th June


Seymour Wright + TBC
Ute Kangiesser - Solo Cello
Design A Wave 
Anthony Iles + Marina Vishmidt (DJ)
Mike Levitt + James Janco (Limazulu) (DJ)


Nuff Aura: Absolute Artwork Meets Absolute Desperation

Previously from the Wu-Tang stable


[This little screed was written as a facebook post but seemed worth giving a minutely longer half life... It responds to this article: 


Cesura // Acceso

Music That Never Surrenders:
Journal for Music and Experimental Politics

What is Cesura?

Cesura//Acceso is a twice-yearly ‘diy’ non-academic journal that aims to bring together writings on music and autonomist related politics. Our point of departure is the aim to ignite, develop and sustain dialogue and discourse (which seems to be missing or hidden) between contemporary music and spaces of political thought and action.

Ambivalent Variations

Michael Reid submits to the hyper-saturated sound of Scott Walker’s recent album Bish Bosch




Weaponise Aunt Hester’s Scream

In an expanded review of Arika 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle, part of an ongoing series of mini-festivals, Sacha Kahir listens to the anguished language of noise and poetry inflected through black experience, politics and artistic traditions

No Such Thing as Society: The Inhuman Music of Raime

Review of the unrelentingly dark duo, Raime, and their debut album Quarter Turns Over a Living Line by Rory Rowan


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