Extracts From The Counsel of Spent

Drawing upon the divagating adventures of the fondly missed Inventory journal (1995-2005), Inventory have authored a new book in a series commissioned by Nina Power for Book Works. We have taken the opportunity to preview this cavalier text that traverses the cosmological scale and the anxieties of everyday survival under latest capitalism.

Five notes towards averting the most ideologically polarised reactions to Syriza’s victory in Greece (mostly for those not from Greece)


1) Syriza did not win because of Tsipras’ ‘charisma’ or thanks to their winning populist political discourse. They also did not win as part of a surge in social struggles.

Tsipras is not a particularly rousing speaker, nor are most of the leading members of Syriza. Syriza is also not a ‘mass party’ akin to what PASOK had been in the 1980s.

A letter of support for Irina Putilova from the Post-Soviet left community

Irina Putilova

Irina Putilova, an LGBTQ activist and artist, is in detention at Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre. She is scheduled for fast-track removal to Russia where she faces certain imprisonment. The Post-Soviet left community calls on UK activists and public figures to make statements in support of Irina’s appeal and for her immediate release from Yarl's Wood.

Open Letter from staff at University of London colleges against the criminalisation of student protest

Wanderings of the Slave: Black life and Social Death

For the theorists of Afro-pessimism, black non-existence forms a negativity against which white liveliness and freedom defines itself positively. Surveying this theoretical tendency against a backdrop of post-crisis struggles, R.L. stresses the irreconcilable antagonism of both



Catalysing Dissent

The 2011 UK Riots were the inspiration for this article, although what can be said of the riots also holds for the sequential outbreak of protests and revolts that erupted globally last year. Inigo Wilkins and Andrew Osborne discuss the irreversible noise and computational immanence of 21st century crowds


The Ghosts of Participation Past

Claire Bishop's new book, Artificial Hells, considers the history of participation as an organising principle of avant-garde art, but also of liberal democracy. Review by Josephine Berry Slater


Regeneration Games

Photo by Alberto Duman


Unpicking the Olympic regeneration of East London

A Mute magazine production - Wed 20 Jun 2012, 6:30pm

Book here Free Word Lecture Theatre

Glass Architecture – A Riotous Mythology

View of Spinningfield, Manchester

The act of smashing glass can reveal the material's most troubling quality: its transparency may invite us to look, but not necessarily to enter. Mark Crinson considers the smashed shop fronts of last year's riots not as the collateral of mass disorder, but part of the material conditions that provoked them



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