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Riot Round-Up

By Many, 10 August 2011

A quick round-up of media on the London and then UK riots which began on Saturday 6th August. (posted Wednesday 10th, updated Friday 12th, Saturday 13th, Tuesday 16th and Tuesday 23rd and again on 12th September. And one year later on 11 August 2012)

'Attack' on teenage girl during protest against shooting of Mark Duggan blamed for start of Tottenham riots, Saturday 6th August:

Interview with Tottenham local the morning of Sunday 7th August:

Haringey youth club closures: 'There'll be riots', 31st July After Haringey council shuts eight of its 13 youth clubs, local teenagers fear boredom will fuel violence between young gang members on the streets of north London:

Nina Power, 'There is a context to London's riots that can't be ignored'

Hackney riots police response - Violence flared in Hackney's Mare Street area today. John Domokos talks to local residents as police dog units move in:

BBC interview with Darcus Howe: 'This is an insurrection...' 'give a West Indian Negro some respect... idiot'

BBC apologises over Darcus Howe interview:

Video Interview with Hackney local on 9th August


After the shooting, the media widely reported that a bullet was found embedded in a police radio, implying Mark Duggan fired on the police. IPCC update on Mark Duggan investigation including details of ballistic tests, 9th August 2011 'The bullet lodged in the MPS radio is a “jacketed round”. This is a police issue bullet...' and 'At this stage there is no evidence that the handgun found at the scene was fired during the incident.'

Nick Clegg booed on tour of post-riot Birmingham Tuesday 9th August

Clegg booed on Birmingham riot tour by itnnews

Boris heckled on tour of post-riot Clapham Tuesday 9th August


And young man asks Boris about cuts to EMA, Connexxions etc.:

Spontaneous street debate in Clapton, August 11

'Video of a statement read out at a protest outside stoke newington police station... He talks specifically about attempts to divide people at 2:30mins, also saying that the police were offering people knives...'

A 26-year-old man who was shot in a car in Croydon, south of London, during disturbances this week has died. 9th August

Three Pakistanis killed by car during riots in Birmingham, 10th August

Ealing riot: Richard Mannington Bowes dies after attack, 12 August

Further reports and analysis

Anarchists respond to the London riots - Solidarity Federation

An open letter to those who condemn looting - Socialism and/or Barbarism (parts 1 and 2)

Criminality and Rewards - Max von Sudo

Eyes Wide Open in London - Collective text from Occupied London on the past few days in London.

Who are the rioters? Young men from poor areas ... but that's not the full story

London rioters point to poverty and prejudice

In Broadway Market - James Meek (LRB) 9 August 2011

The London Riots – On Consumerism coming Home to Roost - Zygmunt Bauman 'These are not hunger or bread riots. These are riots of defective and disqualified consumers.'

UK Riots: The other side of 'we're all in it together' (an analysis of the recent events in the UK -- as seen from Brazil)

Getting Overexcited about the Revolutionary Potential of Shoplifting... - James Heartfield

#riotcleanup or #riotwhitewash? - University of Strategic Optimism 'The strikingly middle-class, broadly white efforts to sweep issues of inequality under the carpet of a simulated big-society photo-op has been a telling, if little discussed, aspect of the recent rioting'

These riots reflect a society run on greed and looting 'While bankers have publicly looted the country's wealth and got away with it, it's not hard to see why those who are locked out of the gravy train might think they were entitled to help themselves to a mobile phone.'

London riots: the limits of Left and Right

For black Britons, this is not the 80s revisited. It's worse - Joseph Harker

The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom - By Peter Oborne (Telegraph)

'I believe that the criminality in our streets cannot be dissociated from the moral disintegration in the highest ranks of modern British society.'

Burning cars in Paris and London - By Dominique Moïsi (FT)

Rap responds to the riots: 'They have to take us seriously' -Dan Hancox (Guardian)

'Five Quick Points on The Riots', by Kenan Malik:

Feral Capitalism Hits the Streets, by David Harvey

UK looters feel no remorse for riots

Another young man who looked 16 said that he looted primarily to provide for his young son. "I got him clothes. I got him nappies, powder, the whole Johnson set," he says with a chuckle. 

UK riots: in courtrooms across country, there was little room for leniency - 'court cases which make the student riot sentencing look almost lenient...'

'It seems to us that everyone is asking the wrong question – why did they riot? When in fact the more obvious question would be – why did it take ‘til now?'

As Schnews asks why is London Burning?

These riots reveal some unpalatable home truths, by Hari Kunzru

London stopped and searched  by Saroj Giri

Planet of Slums, Age of Riots  By George Ciccariello-Maher

Detest and Survive: self-deregulation and asset reallocation in England, August 2011 By Clinical Wasteman


Unlimited Liability or Nothing to Lose? By Clinical Wasteman

'Early April 2011. On the 30th anniversary of the 1981 Brixton riot, participants interviewed by a local newspaper agree that 'it could happen again', given 'the amount of anger around'.'


The Prince and the Pauper By Asad Haider and Salar Mohandesi

Paul Gilroy speaks on the riots, August 2011, Tottenham, North London, August 16, 2011

Lawcast 192: John Cooper QC on the sentencing of rioters and looters

Riot Polit-Econ - A Joint Report of the Khalid Qureshi Foundation and Chelsea Ives Youth Centre

Dalston: A Worm’s Eye View

A few quick clarifications on the recent riots

The August 2011 Riots in Britain by Ricardo Reis (Revolt Against Plenty)

Resistons Ensemble, “Fuck tha Police” and mineral water

(bulletin number 100 / September 2011)

McKenzie Wark: 'The Logic of Riots', 16 August 2011

Anatomy of a riot - radio interview with Bristol Radical History Group

Intakes: Communities, commodities and class in the August 2011 riots

An article from Aufheben's Intakes series providing detailed analysis of the August 2011 UK riots.

Novara on Resonance Radio The Riots One Year On

Rioters who looted Notting Hill restaurant given long jail sentences in the Guardian 8 August 2012

Howard Slater, The Savage and Beyond

'Don't call it shooting or whatever, call it assassination.' An Interview with Mark Duggan's Mum 3rd August 2012

Many more articles from Mute Vol.3 #2 Politics My Arse