Domino, no, no!

The Domino sugar factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is  currently being torn down and replaced with massive condominiums.

As it happens, these fly-thru-friendly towers (pictured  above) uncannily resemble some absurd drawings for post-9/11 skyscrapers I made back when everyone was supposed to think the real threat of massive destruction was coming from Al-Qaida.

Liverpool's Docks, Dust and Dirt

While recycling is promoted as universally positive the material processes associated with recycling itself are potentially dangerous. Essays by Brian Ashton, Steve Tombs & David Whyte, together with an artwork by David Jacques, explore the dirty business of ‘regeneration’ on Liverpool’s dockside


Book Launch Luciana Parisi: 'Contagious Architecture. Computation, Aesthetics and Space' 

MIT Press, 2013

@ The Showroom

63 Penfold St London,

Greater London NW8 8PQ

1st November, 2013

6.30 pm drinks, 7-8.30pm panel


Trenton Oldfield threatened with deportation.



JOIN US IF YOU CAN | 09:15 | Taylor House | 88 Rosebery Ave | EC1R 4QU 

Trenton Oldfield – Anti Olympics, austerity protester and East End of London neighbor of Mute's faces deportation tribunal. Please sign and share this petition asking Theresa May to reconsider her decision.

Report from Taksim, Istanbul. Reflections and reenforcement after days of chaos and drama. Our reporters Reuben & Gielty take to the streets of Istanbul to find out more about the protestors and their supporters. Reposted from: http://rabble.ie/2013/06/04/fortress-taksim/


Wanderings of the Slave: Black life and Social Death

For the theorists of Afro-pessimism, black non-existence forms a negativity against which white liveliness and freedom defines itself positively. Surveying this theoretical tendency against a backdrop of post-crisis struggles, R.L. stresses the irreconcilable antagonism of both


Dusty Mariee is a live stream from the 19th floor of a tower in East London which responds to the Barbican's Dancing Around Duchamp exhibition


Why do English sociologists and politicians find riots so much more explicable when they happen overseas? Nina Power finds an international logic behind 'national' expressions of rage


Whose Rebel City?

In Rebel Cities, David Harvey exhaustively tracks capitalism's turn to real estate speculation and rent extraction, while imagining a reciprocal and reinvigorated urban politics. But his neglect of autonomous urban struggles in '70s Italy and concentration on rights, suggest an adherence to older political forms inadequate to the attack of the social factory – writes Neil Gray


The Garden of Earthly Delights

Establishing a temporary experimental research station within spitting distance of East London's Olympic Park, The Crystal World proposed to decrystallise digital dystopia and recrystallise unlikely new contingent cultures. Matthew Fuller wades through the muck


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