The Jet-Set Peasantry: where no passenger is not drunk

The rabble is a fundamental problem for Hegel argues Frank Ruda. Sacha Kahir reviews Ruda’s Rabble, piecing together and pushing onwards the fragmented parts of civil society’s cyclonic contradiction


Come, poor things, let us sing […]

After darkness comes light,

After evil comes the good,

Our guide and leader, Abundance,

Comes to lead us1

The Difficult Theory of a Mad World

From its central question, 'what does critical theory have to do with the critique of political economy?', Werner Bonefeld’s new book, reviewed here by Chris Wright, develops a deep engagement with the Frankfurt School, Marx and a constellation of less translated critics of the value-form


I find it hard to tell you

’Cause I find it hard to take

Not a Drop Left

The relationship between documentation and construction in Walter Benjamin’s work was central to his originality and another bone of amicable contention with his friend and editor Theodor Adorno.

Wandering Abstraction

Developing a presentation given at the Accelerationism symposium in Berlin December 2013, Ray Brassier draws upon the divergent theories of 'accelerationism' and 'communisation' whose mutual illumination exposes the problems of articulating cognitive abstraction and social practice


Comets & Barricades: Insurrectionary Imagination in Exile

Imagine history as an infernal kaleidoscopic system in which capital and its cops eternally return to shut down all possibilities of freedom. Could poetry constitute a way of writing that system a death sentence it can neither pronounce nor suppress? Poetry as the imaginative continuation and extension of insurrection, even in defeat?

A report by Ross Wolfe

We're pleased to announce Howard Slater's book, Anomie/Bonhomie & Other Writings, published by Mute Books, has been translated into Serbo-Croatian with a new cover, additional material and preface/afterword by kuda.org. The book is translated and published by Kuda.org and the Grupa za konceptualnu politiku.

Weaponise the corpse! Anti-Privatisation Struggle at Sussex University

Four accounts written at different moments during the anti-privatisation struggle at Sussex University over the last two weeks


1. A First-hand Account of the National Demo on the Sussex campus, 25 March 


New issue of Insurgent Notes is up at

Practice Makes a Master

If images of (certain) women are everywhere, lubricating the sale of product, they are also nowhere when it comes to picturing their acts of heroism or banality. Croatian artist Sanja Iveković has spent years exploring the gap between female invisibility and appearance – review by Nick Gledhill


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