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Novara: ‘The Riots’, one year on

By Novara, 11 August 2012

As an antagonistic counter-weight, as the last puff of the 2012 Olympic expels before leaving town, many are commemorating the athletic achievements of Autumn 2011. Last week on LBC radio Pamela Duggan called her son Mark's death an 'assasination', whilst almost one year later to the day 16 young men received extreme sentences for causing disorder in Notting Hill. Some updates have been made to the Riot Round-Up posted here last Autumn as events unfolded: and here is a full recording of a recent radio show about last year's August riots one year after by Novara on Resonance FM from Pierce Penniless's blog:

'I joined Aaron Peters and Nina Power yesterday on Novara on Resonance FM to discuss the anniversary of last year’s riots. You can listen to it below – I think it’s also worth listening to the show we did with Dan Hancox during the events of last August (here), which has stood up quite well, especially given the patchiness of the sources and rumours that were flying around at the time.'