Solidarity and Collective Autonomy: An Interview with Woodbine

Woodbine recently published a text on getting organised within the pandemic, ‘Mutual Aid, Social Distancing, and Dual Power in the State of Emergency’.1 They have since transformed their space into a mutual aid organising hub for their neighbourhood of Ridgewood, Queens, and have partnered with a local homeless outreach organisation to start a food pantry.

As an antagonistic counter-weight, as the last puff of the 2012 Olympic expels before leaving town, many are commemorating the athletic achievements of Autumn 2011. Last week on LBC radio Pamela Duggan called her son Mark's death an 'assasination', whilst almost one year later to the day 16 young men received extreme sentences for causing disorder in Notting Hill.

From the Cult of the People to the Cult of Rancière

A radical social historian as well as philosopher, Jacques Rancière has spent many years rescuing vivid fragments of proletarian life and thought from the  vested interests that claim to speak for them. But in thwarting the instrumentality of intellectuals, he also risks obscuring the material he cherishes and the energies it carries – write Anthony Iles and Tom Roberts


Rip-roaring Markets and Massive Inequality: An Interview with Paul Mason

Newsnight's engaged economics editor and author of Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere, talks to Peter Carty about global revolution, Chinese female biker gangs and ghosts


A very extensive dialogue on communisation published in Variant issue 42, Winter 2012

The whole issue can be read here: www.variant.org.uk  

The Economy of Abolition/Abolition of the Economy

Neil Gray in exchange with Marina Vishmidt

Toward Agonism: Moishe Postone's Time, Labour & Social Domination

There has been intense discussion of the notion of 'immaterial labour' recently. Initially proposed by Maurizio Lazzarato and famously deployed by Hardt and Negri to describe the liberatory potential of mental and/or affective labour in an 'informatised' mode of production, the immaterial labour thesis implies that new technology is producing non-capitalist labour relations within capitalism. One serious challenger to this view is the American academic Moishe Postone who sees labour as inherently linked to domination.

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