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New issue of Insurgent Notes

By Insurgent Notes, 12 March 2013

New issue of Insurgent Notes is up at

Editorial: In This Issue
Loren Goldner: Fictitious Capital and Contracted Social Reproduction Today;
China and Permanent Revolution
John Garvey: The New Worker Organizing
Matthew Quest: CLR James and Maoism
John Garvey: Trotsky Reconsidered: Claude Lefort’s Perspective
Michael Rectenwald: A Post-Mortem on Post-Modernism
Book Reviews:
Loren Goldner. Review/Essay: Cesar Chavez, the United Farm Workers, and the
Question of Unions in Contemporary Capitalism
Freddy Fitzsimmons. Review/Essay: The Condition of the Working Classes in England
Maury Moriarity  on  Michael Schmidt/Lucien van der Walt Black Flame: The 
Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism.
AK Press 2009. Vol. 1.