Permanent Reproductive Crisis: An Interview with Silvia Federici

NY Wages For Housework Poster

On the occasion of the publication of an anthology of her writing and the accession of a  Wages for Housework NY archive at Mayday Rooms in London, Marina Vishmidt interviewed Silvia Federici on her extensive contribution to feminist thought and recent work on debt activism (with contributions by Mute, Mayday Rooms and George Caffentzis)


Eulogy for David Graeber

David Graeber, TUC  anti-cuts protest in London, 26 March 2011

David Graeber, academic, anthropologist and revolutionary died on 4 September, 2020 in hospital in Venice. To mark his passing and celebrate his life and work, including his contribution to Mute, we publish this eulogy by his friend and comrade Sophie Carapetian


Garments Against Women

Garments Against Women

Garments Against Women by Anne Boyer, Mute Books (European Edition)

First published by Ahsahta Press, 2015.

ISBN: (paperback) 978-1-906496-38-8 price £14 16 €

104 pages, 148mm x 210mm (A5), black and white with colour covers.

Nervous Costume

Madame Tlank digresses from and back to Anne Boyer’s Garments Against Women, which is many things. A memoir written by someone without a history. A garment made for no-body. A reproduction fin in a great fleet of sharks


Down With Supreme Whateverness: On Anne Boyer's Garments Against Women


a catalogue of whales that is a catalogue 

Mikkel Bolt analyses the many global shades of reformism and revolution in an extended discussion of 'what is to be done with the crisis, capitalism and the revolution, beyond the avant-garde, reformism and the multitude'


Plants, Androids and Operators - A Post-Media Handbook

Cover Plants, Androids and Operators - A Post-Media Handbook

Plants, Androids and Operators – A Post-Media Handbook


*In Conversation: George Caffentzis and John Barker*

To celebrate the recent release of *In Letters of Blood and Fire*, George Caffentzis and John Barker will be in conversation to discuss work, machines and crisis. Friday 22 November doors open 6.30pm for 7pm start Common House Unit 5E Pundersons Gardens E2 9QG

*Organised in collaboration with: PM Press, Mute Magazine and The Common House*

Other events in London and the UK


Following on from his text, 'After Credit...', Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen discusses art, radical politics and the crisis from 2011 to the present


This short account by the Pöhl Monetary Research Group (P.M.R.G) of the sterling’s post-war history begins with three ideas concerning money as such


Fictitious Capital and Contracted Social Reproduction Today: China and Permanent Revolution

Performers wave large red flags in a large scale live-action show near two theme parks on the outskirts of Wuxiang county in north China's Shanxi province


Loren Goldner traces a circuit from permanent crisis to permanent revolution in the long 20th century

Capital is the moving contradiction, (in) that it presses to reduce labour time to a minimum, while it posits labour time, on the other side, as the sole measure and source of wealth. – Karl Marx, Grundrisse

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