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AoDL Meetup Group

By mrchristian, 18 December 2011

This meetup group is a follow on from the AoDL digital salon and surgeries event series that took place in London over 2009/10. They are open to all those interested in bridging the gap between the arts and tech communities and exploring new ways to implement digital techs in creative processes. We would also encourage any suggestions for topics to discuss.



The Art of Digital London (AoDL) programme was initiated by ACE to facilitate the establishment and maintenance of a London RFO network, which investigates the relationship between art organisations and digital technology.

The project began in September 2009 with a series of ten ‘Digital Salon & Surgeries’ - day long events where London arts administrators and producers, business and media consultants, developers, innovators and funders gathered together to discuss the current relationship that exists between arts and technology communities and the tools that are used in the creation, production, distribution and marketing of artistic programmes.

Through these events we have been able to build a comprehensive picture of the problems and benefits that digital media offer, covering such topics as:

  • Digital innovation for the arts
  • Publishing - the digital word and the arts
  • Video - public service content
  • Sound: Post-copyright communities
  • Digital Archiving and Unlibraries
  • Locative Media and Gaming

As a follow on from the initial series of events we will also put together an online resource that will initially act as a site for the compilation and synthesis of information and experiences gathered during the AoDL. Pooling this collective knowledge further, it will also function as an area where people can find out about relevant experiences undergone by other RFOs as they strive to establish a personalized digital strategy.