Mute Archive FT Issues Release - 1994-97

By Mute, 13 January 2017
Image: Mute FT covers, 0-7, 1994-97

As part of the ongoing Mute magazine archive project PDFs have been released of the early Mute issues printed on the FT press at East India Dock House, London.

Mute issues 0 to 7 (1994-1997) can be found on GitHub

The Mute archive is gradually being developed and this new GitHub resource forms the base of a free and open-source DIY archiving project. Currently the PDFs and scans are relatively low quality. The next steps are to improve the scans, add OCR layers and set the publications within a IIIF image deep-zoom environment, enrich the metadata in Zotero, cryptographic IDs and a lot more.

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Any questions or comments please drop a line or leave a comment on GitHub where you can also read up on or archive recipe

The complete Mute print archive is for sale on Metamute, covering 51 issues from 1994-2014

As ever all of Mute‘s articles (except where they have slipped through the digitisation net) are free to read online at

PS For all you bibliophiles out there here are the Zotero citations for all the issues

*Issues Include*

Mute Vol 1, No. 0 − Can Art Survive the 20th Century? 1994 Nov, ISSN 1356-7748-01
Mute Vol 1, No. 1 − Homo Ludens 1995 May, ISSN 1356-7748-02
Mute Vol 1, No. 2 − The Chocolate Covered Highway 1995 Jun, ISSN 1356-7748-03
Mute Vol 1, No. 3 − CODE 1995 Sept, ISSN 1356-7748-04
Mute Vol 1, No. 4 − Analogue City 1995 Dec, ISSN 1356-7748-05
Mute Vol 1, No. 5 1996 Jun, ISSN 1356-7748-06
Mute Vol 1, No. 6 1996 Sept, ISSN 1356-7748-07
Mute Vol 1, No. 7 1996 Nov, ISSN 1356-7748-08
+ New Contemporaries - special insert, 1997