Mute Archive FT Issues Release - 1994-97

Mute FT covers

As part of the ongoing Mute magazine archive project PDFs have been released of the early Mute issues printed on the FT press at East India Dock House, London.

Mute issues 0 to 7 (1994-1997) can be found on GitHub https://github.com/Mute-Publishing

Plants, Androids and Operators - A Post-Media Handbook

Cover Plants, Androids and Operators - A Post-Media Handbook

Plants, Androids and Operators – A Post-Media Handbook


Burning Dwelling Thinking

After the Insurrection that was to come The Invisible Committee’s À nos amis assesses the defeats and 'permanent catastrophe' which never stopped. Alberto Toscano’s extended review, ahead of the book’s English translation, seeks points of agreement among the peaks and pitfalls of a relentless metaphysical attack on network power


It is the rule of European culture to organise the death of the art of living.

Wandering Abstraction

Developing a presentation given at the Accelerationism symposium in Berlin December 2013, Ray Brassier draws upon the divergent theories of 'accelerationism' and 'communisation' whose mutual illumination exposes the problems of articulating cognitive abstraction and social practice


The Speculative Horror Academy

Film still from Street of Crocodiles by The Quay Brothers

A gothic ruin provides the heady setting for John Cunningham’s short story exploring horror as a condition for contemporary thought


Populous Front

Howard Slater explores the vicissitudes of popular unity, from the history of compromises by variously aligned popular fronts to recent struggles in which ‘internal populations’ and the repressed or absent bodies of left politics come to the fore


Your diaspora had begun

– Abdellatif Laâbi, Rue De Retour


The Emancipated Spectator

Jacques_Rancière the cat and his twin

This is a set of five essays that follow up themes of the equality of intelligence formulated more than 25 years earlier in The Ignorant Schoolmaster (1981) and Proletarian Nights (1981). See my previous blogs (reposted from http://stefan-szczelkun.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/the-emancipated-spectator-2008-this-is.html)


Chapter 1 The Emancipated Spectator

We're pleased to announce Howard Slater's book, Anomie/Bonhomie & Other Writings, published by Mute Books, has been translated into Serbo-Croatian with a new cover, additional material and preface/afterword by kuda.org. The book is translated and published by Kuda.org and the Grupa za konceptualnu politiku.

One or Many Machines

Gerald Raunig, A Thousand Machines, Boston: Semiotext(e), 2010. Reviewed by a Salad of Pearls


Catalysing Dissent

The 2011 UK Riots were the inspiration for this article, although what can be said of the riots also holds for the sequential outbreak of protests and revolts that erupted globally last year. Inigo Wilkins and Andrew Osborne discuss the irreversible noise and computational immanence of 21st century crowds


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