Abstract Human Labour Found in Food - Shock!

By Benedict Seymour, 16 February 2013

A Gallerte* of undifferentiated human labour has been found in ALL food. Traces of it have also been found in ALL other commodities!

Could it be that the capitalist production of commodities - meaty or vegan, comestible or otherwise - is in its entirety a form of CANNIBALISM?

Full report in Keston Sutherland's essential essay:

'... The jargon in this entry overflows. *Gallerte is the undifferentiated mess of glue-yielding “tierischen Substanzen,” animal substances industrially boiled down into condiments, that is, into “Beigaben,” “additions” to meals rather than the staple nutrition of the meal itself. Marx says that “abstract human labour,” that is, both the units of human labour reduced to “labour power” and wages in the calculations of the capitalist (calculations conducted in “the jargon of Political Economy”), and human labour in general as “value” expressed in commodities, is “a mere Gallerte of undifferentiated human labour.” This “mere Gallerte” is the product not of reversible freezing but of irreversible boiling followed by cooling. Abstract human labour is, in Marx’s words, undifferentiated and not homogeneous, because it has a multitude of material origins (many workers contribute to the manufacture of each commodity, as political economy had recognised since Adam Smith’s analysis of the division of labour in The Wealth of Nations), but these multiple origins cannot be separately distinguished in the commodity which is the product of the aggregate of their activity. All that is meat melts into bone, and vice versa; and no mere act of scrutiny, however analytic or moral, is capable of reversing the industrial process of that deliquescence.' 


'... abstract human labor [is] Gallerte. The living hands, brains, muscles and nerves of the wage laborer are mere “animal substances,” ingredients at the feast of the capitalist. The capitalist in turn is the great devourer of this undifferentiated human labor. He is not an individual, as Marx often says, but is “a mere embodiment of capital” (MA: 330), which makes him not just the oppressor of the workers in theory and in practice, but also gives him a specific role in Marx’s allegorical satire on consumption. The capitalist is roughly the industrial processing of the workers in reverse. The worker who starts out a real body and brain is reduced to Gallerte through submission to capitalist wage labor; and the capitalist who is in essence nothing but capital itself nonetheless assumes in his interactions with human beings the local habitation of a body and the name of an individual. This is what the worker and the capitalist are in Marx’s allegorical satire on consumption, but Marx also says that this is what they are in reality, that is, in their “real economic relation” of which all juridical relation “is but the reflex.” (MA: 96)'


The following also looks pretty essential for anyone trying to get their heads round the recent horsemeat panic: