The Poverty of Truth, the Truth of Poverty

Margot Robbie in I, Tonya (2017).

I, Tonya, the recent biopic on the figure skating phenomenon from Portland, Oregon, appears to offer little beyond the familiar Hollywood spectacle of the white working class. But, through its problematically white lens, Daniel Fraser argues, the film stages an unsettling interplay between the indeterminacy of truth and the true violence of poverty.






Synthetic Dreams: Gender, Modernity and Art Silk Stockings

The world’s first synthetic fabric, rayon, made from congealed vegetable matter and human labour, was spun into artificial silk stockings and worn by the same women that mass produced it. Hannah Proctor uses this as a guiding metaphor for her analysis of interwar gender politics and their relation to today


Capital and Community: On Melanie Gilligan’s Trilogy

In his assessment of the latest film in Melanie Gilligan’s trilogy on crisis, capital and community Jasper Bernes emphasises the necessity and difficulty of distinguishing between the community of capital – its expansive entrainment of the senses – and the unrealised project of a resistant human community


Taking Potshots at Labour

In their recent networked film project, Ehmann and Farocki produce a multiply authored film installation about global labour that superimposes the problems of contemporary film onto the difficulty of representing capitalism today. Review by Sven Lütticken

Nymphomaniac: Sex Against Gender

Still from Nymphomaniac: Walther PPK

Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac considers the feasibility of love with men, and whether heterosexual fucking – or abjuring it – can be women’s self-propulsion into the making of history


View from a Kill

The morally disgusting asymmetry of drones relates not only to their deployment by the powerful against the weak, but also to the radical disparity of risk entailed in exposing the defenceless living to pilotless killing machines. In her review of George Barber’s recent film Freestone Drone, artist Kate Rich, co-creator of the first art drone 'The BIT Plane', considers the sickly prospect of a drone that assumes (a happy) consciousness


Object Oriented Marxism?

Reconceiving man's relations to matter and the world of objects was not always the politically insipid theoretical pastime it has become. Here, Simon Mussell revisits the Frankfurt School's work to explore how their consideration of the 'thicket of material life' created new lines of resistance to social alienation



Our things in our hands must be equals, comrades

― Aleksandr Rodchenko, 1925



"It is the flattest and the dullest parts that in the end have the most life."

Robert Bresson

Nice Monsters and Scary Sprites


Harmony Korine's recent film Spring Breakers doesn't exactly reward stringent sociological critique. His use of manipulative, mnemonic, stylised and hyper-seductive techniques demands to be taken seriously in a different way. But how? Mira Mattar meets him at the threshold


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