By mute, 27 November 2015
Image: Tears, BDZ Group
Mute is hosting this statement in solidarity with the call for a boycott of the Zabludowicz Art Trust. Boycott Zabludowicz was formalised during the violent atrocities committed by the Israeli state against Palestinian people in 2014. We fully support this boycott and call on our readers and writers to join us in solidarity.
Following the first public meeting held by BDZ Group at MayDay Rooms on 3 October 2015, we began gathering the signatures of people wanting to commit to the pledge below. The individuals and organisations listed agreed that their name could be published as part of a list of 100 or more supporters, in the belief that a boycott of the Zabludowicz Art Trust ought to be public and collective.

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In solidarity with the Palestinians who have called for a boycott of Israeli cultural institutions that promote acceptance, in the global cultural sphere, of Israel’s ongoing colonisation, occupation and its apartheid policies, and in light of the current escalation of violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, we the undersigned make a public commitment not to show at, collaborate with or participate in any events taking place at, nor to visit or to sell our work to the Zabludowicz Collection, and not to work with Zabludowicz Art Projects/Zabludowicz Art Trust/Daata Editions[1]. We additionally commit, wherever possible, to withdrawing the conceptual content of previous participation in and/or sales made to the Zabludowicz Collection. We shall uphold this pledge until such time as the Directors of the Collection publicly recognise the rights of Palestinians, and desist from all activities and investments supporting the Israeli state in maintaining an oppressive and colonial system of apartheid. In the spirit of the guidelines produced by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI), we call on other cultural workers of all nationalities to observe this ‘picket line’. Our solidarity expressed through collective refusal is our strength.


[1] Though itself London-based, the Zabludowicz Collection is principally owned and funded by Zabludowicz Art Trust, which is financially associated with companies that are active in Israel and that provide maintenance and services to the Israeli Airforce. See PACBI’s statement for details:


Leila Abdelrazaq
Larne Abse Gogarty
Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Reem Abu-Hayyeh
Ignacio Acosta
Arts Against Cuts
Tom Allen
Vivien Ashley
Shelly Asquith
Yusef Audeh
Giles Bailey
Rachel Baker
Camille Barbagallo
Alison Ballance
Jacob Bard-Rosenberg
Dia Batal
Emily Beber
Josephine Berry
Nic Beuret
Danny Birchall
Hannah Black
Emma Bolland
Samuel Burton
Brad Butler
Gavin Butt
Amelia Bywater
Letitia Calin
Sophie Carapetian
Luke Carlisle
Merlin Carpenter
Cesura//Acceso Journal
Christina Chalmers
Jane Cheadle
Maria Chehonadskih
Binna Choi
Leah Clements
Susan Conte
Mike Corcoran
Miri Davidson
Barry Dean
Ralph Dorey
Noel Douglas
Konstancja Duff
S. J. Edwards
Tania El Khoury
Kathryn Elkin
Gareth Evans
Gavin Everall
Lucia Farinati
Dora García
Patrick Goddard
Avery Gordon
Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt
Richard Gott
Ros Gray
David Grundy
Rose-Anne Gush
Laura Guy
Nicola Guy
Inas Halabi
Catherine Hamilton
Omar Robert Hamilton
J. A. Harrington
Danny Hayward
Andy Healy
Sarah A. Hemmaida
Yaiza Hernandez
Jack Hogan
Lizzie Homersham
Stephen Hunter
John Hutnyk
Horrible GIF
Tommie Introna
Jaki Irvine
Victor Jakeman
Perce Jerrom
Lisa Jeschke
Helen Kaplinsky
Dean Kenning
Sam Keogh
Margareta Kern
Shama Khanna
Sharon Kivland
Tarek Knorn
Hari Kunzru
Kaisa Lassinaro
Sophie Lee
Rebecca Lennon
Joseph Lewis
Rona Lorimer
Brighid Lowe
Ed Luker
Zeina Maasri
David Mabb
Suhail Malik
Jumana Manna
Duncan Marquiss
Mira Mattar
Matthew McQuillan
Conal McStravick
Sophio Medoidze
Sidsel Meineche Hansen
Karen Mirza
Dan Mitchell
Kevin W. Molin
Steven Mooney
Patrick Moran
Mute Magazine
Deepa Naik
Daniel Neofetou
Georgie Nettell
Hugh Nicholson
Sara Nunes Fernandes
Louise O’Hare
Trenton Oldfield
Andrew Osborne
Lucy Parker
Miranda Pennell
Hestia Peppe
Olivia Plender
Nina Power
Ben Pritchett
Hannah Proctor
Charlotte Prodger
Stephen Regel
Ash Reid
Elaine Reynolds
Kari Robertson
John Russell
Stefan Sadler
Natascha Sadr Haghighian
Beti Scott
Benedict Seymour
Louise Shelley
Amer Shomali
Nastassja Simensky
Tanya Singh
John Smith
Cherry Smyth
Samuel Solomon
Francis Summers
Jamie Sutcliffe
Anne Tallentire
Shireen Taylor
Maija Timonen
John Tiney
Cara Tolmie
Alberto Toscano
Tom Trevatt
Marina Vishmidt
Ben Westley Clarke
Michael White
Josefine Wikström
Steve Willey
Oliver Roger Williams
Eilidh Wilson
Kasia Wlaszczyk
Liv Wynter
Rehana Zaman
Tirdad Zolghadr




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