About the Poems - Mute vol 2 #6 2007

By mute, 9 September 2007

Most of the poetry in this issue was collected by Keston Sutherland, poet and editor of Barque Press. Mute asked Keston and some other poets published by Barque to contribute poems which engage with financialised life and language.

Poems Includes in Mute vol 2 #6, 2007

Lunch Poems by Howard Slater

Damaged Good by Andrea Brady

Falling in Love Cream Crab by Keston Sutherland

New Iraq, New Orleans by John Wilkinson

Sung to Sleep by Andrea Brady

Helium Keg by William Fuller


Andrea Brady <> teaches at Queen Mary, University of London, and co-runs Barque Press. She is the director of the Archive of the Now, an online repository of recordings of contemporary British poets:

William Fuller <> lives in a cicada-infested thicket north of Chicago; his latest books are Watchword from Flood Editions, and Three Replies, forthcoming from Barque. The advertisement printed here before his 'Helium Keg' is taken from the cover of This Rhymeless Nation, Cambridge: Infolio 2007,

Howard Slater <> is a trainee counsellor and sometime writer who works in the buffer zone of social housing in Central London. The above 'spontanipoems' are drawn from notebooks (2002-2006) and were dubbed 'lunch poems' by a friend: the Manhattan noon of Frank O'Hara has nothing on the little yellow eggs you can get on Lever Street

Keston Sutherland <> edits the poetics journal QUID and Barque Press. He is the author of numerous essays and of poetry including 'Hot White Andy' (Chicago Review, 53:1), Neocosis and Neutrality. He teaches English at the University of Sussex

John Wilkinson <> left the NHS in London just before the last restructuring, and now teaches in the US at the University of Notre Dame. His most recent book of poems is Lake Shore Drive (Salt)