Falling in Love Cream Crab

By Keston Sutherland, 9 September 2007

Now itch like precision flamecutting.  Detected sweat in
bloom Pakistani Sukhoi-30MKI, 
sweat that eyes in the front of your head crunch, 
pulse on detergent, broken ear on Anantnag 
bus ride flowering to a throat full of sweat,
brighter than the consumption reel it cap fades for                
            no-one half                 
by half second and is nothing except love there
is nothing except it on.  Back flowing fade
you point a skeleton at, sweat on it 
on it is the wool/teeth foreclosures ½ off skeleton, 
the no-one your flesh is slung on burning its 
with desire FTIR spectr.  In China the     
            Let Us Put You 
touch into dead green: hit aflame by 
lips switched cutting the dead air dead volts
scattered by holding your face on dying
palms in the thrill of a kiss you cry for— 
a bat drops.  Planets drop in.  A bat 
stopgap for the IAF.  Make more by working                 
            cry for—                 
life TBA by my shred hands wringing the bridge by 
Dartford into • clavicle sorbet, • new tibia bake,
new uln / under you grabbing your face act 
calm orgasming frantically in you needing you
would the person whose car is parked 
to esteem the pram full of scissors in Morgan Stanley, 


Now expand into the Netherlands.  Into the 
line booster fade you point a skeleton at 
it is the skeleton imagined dead; its mirroring in 
your faced life not at a time forever not for 
anything scratched in patty where the reverse is
true to mere form, dying.  Get out                 
new Lumbar Vertebrae Ranch Squid, / nail—skip to • 
Preparation Tips in Frum Mix, set shaking 
unfree of its off switch, broken on the heart pro 
rata cut while you wait.  You make dinner with
Nancy Zucker Boswell from Transparency International 
look stupid.  You sheathe the IAF in ice, 
reason is your immediacy.  Wait and see 
it.  It is nothing except love, its cast of paroxysms gets
the dead air plastered, abiding in Asset Liability 
Management • new 1 John 3.17 ia bak McNamara
to Wolfowitz his brother in need and closes
negotiations on the master derivatives Sunny Delight
            Kids Cove                 
            lockout and riot
leatherette integument for the bat.  It drops 
are on hold.  You have been placed in a queue 
on hold.  You have been placed in a queue are 
Verkehr in the community, substitute to produce alternative
puns with fakir, with quaere, and finally 
with hair, i.e., hair in the community, in its throat sweat,
            free fish                 
            oil for kids     


Now get nowhere fast.  Anantnag running on 
the pram full of hedging needs in Ann Veneman X 
paroxysmic you arise, just now sincerely 
Chinese for the first time, locking your car. 
The temperature is at 3480.  We deliver. 
Love is the angle of the mirroring it breaks for,     
            the pivot
             are bet
you on track for.  Nothing but love in the face that 
aflame steel discolours red.  You remember 
kissing my mouth, traducing the oxyacetylene 
whisper cut out.  Later in the ear I 
again am in an encounter with the skeleton you 
point at going.  There are feet everywhere 
            you tread                 
them cap with your 1.6 way mirror • new tarsals, • • 
1. credit aspect 7, plastic 8 way meet clients’ 
hold you—throttle out sex in Palam debt product, 
your eyes a must-see, icing as they flower in 
beauty vanilla bonds • n.  What this means is that 
placed in a face they flash out incomparably                 
            wild back                 
            flowing fade
and I love you really there is nothing but love over
it is all there is there nothing other 
than it no there by where the cylinders are fitted 
patella bol with regulators and flexible hoses which lead 
to the blowpipe.  It will make your mouth water 
freeze, a life aflame in the shark shit,                 
            only now forever,