Can We Recapture London?

Artists in the City is a deep red and surprisingly meaty anthology covering 50 years of SPACE Studios’ activities in London. Josephine Berry’s review balances the claims for a struggle for freedom in the arts with a critical eye towards the emergent modes of the neoliberal city


‘the present is not sustainable and any futures will require many hands and a lot of rebuilding’

– David Morris, ‘DIY’, Artists in the City


Trenton Oldfield threatened with deportation.



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Trenton Oldfield – Anti Olympics, austerity protester and East End of London neighbor of Mute's faces deportation tribunal. Please sign and share this petition asking Theresa May to reconsider her decision.

An excellent summary of 'destructive destruction' loosed upon London by the ongoing financial crisis. Reposted from Pierce Penniless: I’m hosting this excellent paper, delivered by Richard Braude at this year’s Historical Materialism conference, because it deserves wider dissemination. Above is a plan of the panoptic National Penitentiary at Millbank.

The Crystal World

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