Captives of Combination

In this double review of exhibitions by Camille Henrot and Hannah Höch on display in East London galleries this spring, Josephine Berry Slater sees how differently the art of combination can be plied by artists working a century apart


Momentous and Deflationary Times

A short video conversation between Anthony Iles, Aileen Burns & Johan Lundh, in the context of CCA Derry’s Momentous Times exhibition, which brought an internationalist and confrontational edge to the 2013 UK City of Culture celebrations. Directed by Caroline Heron and produced by CPVN


The Distribution of the Insensible

Setting out from a strong critique of the aesthetics of Jacques Rancière, Nathan Brown reappraises the relationship between labour, physicality and media understood through the work of artist Nicolas Baier


We Hate the Users: An Interview with UBERMORGEN

Several decades after the birth of artivism and net art, UBERMORGEN continue to make art with and about networked society. But where net art 1.0 was largely critical of capitalism’s use of networks, today UBERMORGEN’s tactics work through an aesthetics of affirmation. Interview by Stevphen Shukaitis


Lotta Poetica

Youcef Sebti, extract from 'Nothing Poem'

The Arab Spring is well known for the movement of the Squares and the explosion of demands for democracy and an end to corruption in the Middle East. Within and beyond this, argues Howard Slater, it is also the product of a linguistic outer-nationalism in which singular and plural dissidents from the repressive and traumatic norms of capital in crisis elaborate a catalytic language which screams and acts in the face of everyday tyranny

Mute magazine panel discussion at Historical Materialism on Sunday 10 November at 12pm:

Chair: Benedict Seymour.

Presentations by:

Giorgio Cesarale – 'A dialectical critique of the "necessity- contingency" couple in speculative realism'.

Svenja Bromberg – 'The politics of an object-oriented aesthetics'.

Sebastian Truskolaski – 'Reflections on Realism – Adorno contra Meillassoux.'

Alberto Toscano – Discussant.

For more information about the conference see:

The Speculative Horror Academy

Film still from Street of Crocodiles by The Quay Brothers

A gothic ruin provides the heady setting for John Cunningham’s short story exploring horror as a condition for contemporary thought


The Period of the Sleeping Fits

In his final Occultural Studies column, Eugene Thacker surveys the ‘unspeakable life’, work and dreams of surrealist poet, Robert Desnos



After Participation

A new book on Russian conceptualists, Collective Actions Group, finally translates audience responses into English, pushing them to the fore. In her review, Marina Gerber contemplates the ambiguously passive and active role of the participants and how it bears a striking resemblance to work in Soviet Russia


The Shadow of Ikea-ification Falls On Us All

A recent exhibition, The Whole Earth: California and the Disappearance of the Outside, interrogated what pale blue fragments lie in the wake of the whole earth’s broken promise. Review by Hannah Black


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