So Long and Thanks for the Pics

By Anja Büchele, 10 December 2001

In the below we are told that time exists spatially and that it depends.The below is very long and has nice pictures in it.

The below deals with buried guilt and moral obligations.The below meditates monologues on architecture

(indirect speech, no paragraphs).

The below, incidentally, has a story.It is long and takes many turns.

The below, yes indeed, has a theory:That the past is here.

But where’s the future, dear?

It’s a pimping of the modernists,too sentimental, still applying its make-up skilfully,it blinds reviewers’ wills,

Gimme highbrow Sebald!

Oh, sentimental autumn walks!Uh, melancholic prose!Alas, I’ll keep on praying to

The P.’s the L.’s the K.’s.

Thanks for the pictures, though!

Anja Büchele <anja AT> plays in The Surplus, runs Club $urplu$ at London’s Public Life, and dabbles in psychology, philosophy and other people’s wardrobes.

Austerlitz // W.G. Sebald // London: Hamish Hamilton // 2001 // ISBN: 0241141257