Fashion + Demonstration = Pret-a-Revolter

By Quim Gil, 10 July 2001

Concerned with fashion while demonstrating? Want to wear something other than casual clothes, but find yourself intimidated by the aesthetic extravaganza of well organised groups you don’t belong to? Las Agencias has developed a solution for such worries: a collection of suits and pieces ready to wear in demonstrations, created in several sizes and adapted to the specific circumstances of such performance acts. This group of artists explore the area between arts, politics and humour with these and other actions in Barcelona, like the ‘Money for Free’ campaign. Put in context, the actions were part of the campaigns against the World Bank’s meeting in Barcelona, a campaign that resulted in the Bank deciding to suspend the physical meeting scheduled for 25-27 June and move it to a chat online... The punchline to this gag is that Las Agencias itself is funded by the deeply institutional Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA).

Quim Gil <qgil AT> is a multiversatile non-specialised anartist/anarchist primarly obsessed by chaos, emancipation and networked decentralisation. Once a journalist, now not so sure. Mute staff member anyway.

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