Doing More with Less

Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory’s first exhibition in a new building, New Habits, raises crucial questions for Geoffrey Wildanger: what has to happen when one has to do more with less? What, or where, are the 'commons' in austerity Europe?



The Crystal World

Press Release June 27 2012
Orbits of Responsibility for a War Crime from a
Bosnian mine to London’s Olympic Park

On July 2 2012 London’s Olympic tower — the ArcelorMittal Orbit — will be
reclaimed as A Memorial in Exile by survivors of the Bosnian concentration
camp at Omarska, now a fully-functional mine operated by ArcelorMittal. Iron
ore and profits extracted from Omarksa have been used to manufacture
London’s newest landmark.

Unhoming the Homely

Clare Butcher reviews Casco's ambitious two year and ongoing project, the Grand Domestic Revolution


With Immediate Effect


Artistic actions outside the gallery may vary widely in their approach to social space as material, but, as Sophie Schasiepen argues in this review, their representation inside the gallery rarely does


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