War by Any Means

Rose-Anne Gush examines Sidsel Meineche Hansen’s Second Sex War through the lens of the female body and its concealed labour power in the high-tech gaming and porn spectacle


Regeneration Games

Photo by Alberto Duman


Unpicking the Olympic regeneration of East London

A Mute magazine production - Wed 20 Jun 2012, 6:30pm

Book here Free Word Lecture Theatre

TheKnowledge – Digital Strategy in Culture

Public Launch!

Politics Here is Death

Psychogeophysical Summit - Crossbones Cemetery, London 7 August 2010

For one week the Psychogeophysical Summit merged renegade earth science, geekery and subjective mapping. Accompanied by Silje Hyenes Lysne, waving a magical video wand, remote reviewer Anthony Iles scried what he could


Video: The Psychogeophysical Summit London, 2-7 August 2010, a Mute and BLIP co-production.



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