A Tribute to the Poet Sean Bonney (1969-2019)

Sean Bonney photo by Sam Dolbear

The poet Sean Bonney died last week in Berlin. He was an inspiration to all at Mute, a great friend, kindred spirit and supporter. He’ll be greatly missed. Over the years we had the pleasure and honor of publishing some of his works. Our deepest condolences to his family, loved ones and friends.

Below are works that have appeared in Mute.





Ferguson, Missouri. Most of us never would have heard of it, but many have now had the conversation: Where the hell is Ferguson? St. Louis, sort of?



Having had a rest in 2012, BarnCamp will be back with a vengence in 2013. Go to this page for more information about BarnCamp

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May 24, 2012


A very extensive dialogue on communisation published in Variant issue 42, Winter 2012

The whole issue can be read here: www.variant.org.uk  

The Economy of Abolition/Abolition of the Economy

Neil Gray in exchange with Marina Vishmidt

The Sea is Red: A Video Interview with Marcus Rediker

Marcus Rediker in interview in London

Focusing on specific events and mythologies attached to past and recent maritime radicalism, historian Marcus Rediker talks to Omar El-Khairy about piracy, the origins of global capitalism, and the poetics of history from below. This interview was facilitated by Gasworks in the context of their Hydrachy: Power and Resistance at Sea exhibition


1. The Shifting Figure of the Pirate: from the golden age of piracy to its place in popular imagination today

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