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Tour Blog 2006: On Tour with the Panacea Society USA

By Andre Stitt, 21 September 2006

No Sex, No Drugs, No Rock'n'Roll - Just freak-beat, psyche-garage, prog-techno and artiness. Who do they think they are, these performance artists who want to be the new Golden Gods of Art-Rock? Find out as you join The Panacea Society on their 2006 North American tour. When asked by one of his students what he would be doing during the Easter break, performance artist André Stitt decided to write a tour diary. This was to be in the form of a daily blog on his web site reporting on his latest visit to the USA with members of the TRACE collective and his band The Panacea Society. Published by TRACE:SAMIZDAT PRESS, Cardiff, Wales in association with curcioprojects, New York Samizdat Press is a series of peer-reviewed publications reflecting the theory and discourse of performance art cultivated by the activities of TRACE Installaction artspace, Cardiff, Wales.


ISBN 978-0955392702

Date of Publication:21/9/2006

108 pages