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New Chronica Dublin

By Steven Dickie, 7 March 2007

New Chronica Dublin is a graphic novel and musical album download, based on a collection of contemporary folklore from the Irish capital. Conceived in response to tales the Dublin community shared with The Third Person over a twelve month period in 2006 - 07. The work reflects the considerable economic and social change the city is undergoing and the influence of redevelopment on the traditional communities. The dilution of identity and the inevitable displacement of population which the re-branding of economic and social areas brings, may result in this being the last opportunity to witness the communities galvanised common identity as it negotiates a position within the new Dublin. The artists hope that those who know the area will recognise the character of the place and those who are unfamiliar with the area will get an understanding of this incredible community.


ISBN 0955479665

Date of Publication: 7/3/2007

160 pages