openmute press

The Mag.Net Reader

By ed. Miren Eraso, Alessandro Ludovico and Slavo Krekovic, 30 October 2006

"This short history of, as well as the book which it introduces, should however not be read as an obituary, but as a monument to the desire for sharing and working together. The magazines involved represent some of the most important media for the critical reflexion of culture and art in an age strongly influenced by digital technologies and their social repercussions. Their persistence - some of them are still going strong after over twelve years - testifies to the importance of print in a time that purports to be 'digital' while remaining intensely analogue in many aspects, for better and for worse." Andreas Broeckmann, artistic director of Transmediale.


ISBN 9788479075088

Date of Publication: 30/10/2006

124 pages