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Converge - Online Video

By Transmission Network, Electronic Frontier Foundation & Participatory Culture Foundation, 31 October 2007

Inclusion Through Media (ITM) is a programme of projects across the UK which use audio-visual media to engage young people and excluded individuals and communities. It focuses on projects that bring the target groups together with media professionals to produce high-quality products for maximum impact. ITM projects stress innovative methods and participatory approaches. One of ITM's objectives is using ICT for the production and distribution of learning materials and products developed by partners and target groups. Converge is a programme to enable young people to showcase their audio/visual works on the web. Goldsmiths, in collaboration with Hi8Us, produced this handbook and workshop programme to enable young people to make use of existing sites like the Internet Archive, Participatory Culture, YouTube and Video Syndication Network and to publish videos on own sites using Free and Open-source software.


ISBN 978-1906496050

Date of Publication: 31/10/2007

160 pages