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Civil Twilight & Other Social Works

By Roddy Hunter, 14 March 2007

'Civil Twilight & Other Social Works' explores the performance artwork of provocative Scots artist Roddy Hunter. Through the artists own texts and archival documentation Hunter introduces us to his methodology of research into the idea of urban civic centres as places where collective identity is formed. In these works, Hunter spends extended periods of time walking the central squares in cities like Sfântu Gheorghe, Sheffield, Dundee, London, Minsk, Timisoara, Nové Zámky, Barcelona, Belfast, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, and Budapest, encouraging passers-by to engage with him in conversation on issues of civil importance: alienation, architecture, capital, change, culture, heroism, identity, ideology and utopia - all subjects symbolically related to the actual spaces where the performances occur. The events take place between the hours of sunset and sunrise - that is, during 'civil twilight', an astronomical term referring to the time when outdoor activities require artificial illumination.


ISBN 978-0955392719

Date of Publication: 14/3/2007

172 pages