Collaborative Bibliographies

By admin, 7 November 2016
Image: Mute Covers

Friday 25.11.16, 2-6pm, Anagram, Berlin RSVP Facebook

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Learn how to do publication remixing with Zotero and take part in discussions about extra-institutional knowledge creation. No prior experience needed, bring a laptop if possible, but not essential.

The workshop will look at the practical steps of combining DIY archiving and collaborative bibliographies for the purpose of supporting and connecting radical publishers.

Mute is making a collaborative bibliography on ‘experimental writing' and 'financial crisis' over the period of the residency and we’ll explore the results of this experiment in the workshop. See:

The idea is that ‘collaborative bibliographies’ is a way to step outside of normal publication production architectures, such as - idea, publisher, publication. Instead content packages and remixes are made, irrespective of their publication source, either pinpointed in its topic or open-ended.

Brief practical instruction will be available on smartphone DIY book scanning, IIIF, GitHub large-file storage, GitHub, gh-pages and Zotero-to-Web collaborative bibliography creation. Follow-up instructions will be available here

The objective is to pass over the ‘tech-stack’ outlined above, focus practically on ‘collaborative bibliographies’ and making things out of Zotero. Through discussion in the workshop we can shape ideas about interesting options for what steps the project should take next and how to refine the 'publishing from archives' workflows that are being prototyped and tested out.


Anagram Books is a new distribution company based between London and Berlin. Set up in London by Adeline Mannarini in 2012.

The Mute magazine print archive is available for sale as an original, limited edition set of all fifty-one issues of the print versions of the magazine, covering twenty years of publishing from 1994 to 2014. See