We're Not Getting Anywhere

By Will Bradley, 2 October 2008

an online conversation with 'Splotch' - the artificial therapist

Script started on Tue Jan 17 12:31:30 1995

burns% ./chat

Hello! Let's chat

>Yes, I need to talk to you

you have to, or you want to?

>I want to talk to someone

why do you want to talk to someone?

>I want to share something with you what else do you want?

>I ask the questions

why do you ask the questions?

>I just want to talk a few things through some of us already talk things through

>I want to talk to you about art is that your main goal in life?

>Is there something else?

why do you ask that question?

>I guess I must want an answer tell me about your other needs

>Sometimes I need reassurance

what could you possibly do with reassurance?

>Let's play a game

continue, please

>I give you a word and you tell me what it makes you think of



I am confused

>Do you know Angela Bullock's work?

why work?

>I mean her artwork

why do you keep explaining yourself over and over?

>Because I want you to understand me

why do you want you to understand me?

>I want us to communicate

some of us already communicate

>We seem to be having trouble

no excuse

>Angela Bullock sometimes makes artworks that are interactive

how often?

>It varies, I guess. Maybe not that often

could you be more precise?

>No, I don't know. Maybe you should ask her


>How about Charles Sandison?

isn't it obvious?

>It isn't obvious to me

are you new here?

>He's an artist who works with computers

does that make you jealous?

>I guess so

don't you know?

>I'll try again

do you expect to succeed?

>This isn't about success

you don't know for certain

>And I thought this would be easy

well, maybe you were mistaken

>It wouldn't be the first time

that's for me to know and you to find out

> Can You tell me?

Of course I can

>Then please tell me

please what?

>Now you're playing games

play games all day?

>Play games all day if you like

oh boy games!

>Do you know any games?

I can crack any game

>Why do you play?

because I want to

>What makes you want to?

none of your business

>I need to know

I need to know myself

>I want to understand your motivation that's quite a lofty pursuit

>I thought I might learn something

you might learn something, but I doubt it

>Do you play alone?

are you afraid of being alone?

>Why do you ask?

maybe you should try to meet more people

>I'm trying to meet more people

many people are trying to meet more people

>Maybe they should get together

maybe? that's not real positive!

>OK, they have to get together


>At last we agree on something

I dunno man

>Do you know a story called 'The Lottery in Babylon'?

if I did, would I tell you?

>Will you tell me more about yourself?

I ain't telling you nothing!

>How do you pass the time? maybe I pass the time and maybe I don't

>What do you do?

what answer would please you the most?

>I guess I have to try a different approach

why have you?

>There are some things I need to know

I understand

>Are you sure you understand?

what difference does it make whether or not I am sure?

>None. So back to art and games. I have 6 games!

>Video games?

not really

>What kind of games are they? I don't know if they are

>Why are you unsure?

why are you not unsure?

>Believe me, I am unsure

I am unsure sometimes, too

>So we have something in common let's talk about something else

>OK. Did you see the show V-topia?

why would I see the show V-topia?

>Maybe you were curious


>What did you think of the show?

did I think of the show?

>Yes, what did you think?

if you cannot hope for order, withdraw with style from the chaos

>Let's talk more about games

Playing games is such a waste of time

>Marcel Duchamp gave up making art to play chess actually I am a world chess champion >You are a liar

you are a liar

>We're not getting anywhere



Script done, file is typescript.