SPECIAL PROJECT: Staying In To Play (Artificial Sacrifice)

By John Paul Bichard, 4 July 2003
Image: Instructions1 – cut around skybox2 – crease tabs and edges3 – fold box together with image side facing inwards4 – glue tabs

The first person (shooter) video game is an environment seen ‘through the eyes’ of the player character. This projection of the players presence onto/into the game space allows the player to construct and develop an extension of their ego as a negotiator between their physical self and the fantasy space implied by the games constructs.

The resultant character is rarely if ever seen. This 'seer' in some ways acting as a sacrificial other to the player in their journey through the rules and behaviours of the synthesised space.

This skybox is a tranquil haven within which the seer can be rested whilst not in the throws of being sacrificed to satisfy the players ludic whims and desires.

Staying in to Play – is an ongoing digital game environment – starting with a 90 day digital residency at : 27.04 – 28.06 online at – [] 19.06 – 22.06 at VM.01 – Hoxton Distillery – London 26.06 – 01.07 at CV2 – Galeria Quadrum – Lisbon then permanently at – [].

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