By Seb Patane, 10 March 2002

This collection of singles and remixes by Detroit’s finest synthcore rebels Adult has been available in the shops from the end of last year but there are many reasons for bringing this masterpiece of über-glacial electronic assault to everybody’s attention now.

Firstly, by acquiring this collection you’ll save yourself the money you would need to collect the many re-issues and re-mixes that are available. Secondly you won’t want to appear unprepared once Adam and Nicola (Adult) commence world domination with their second, imminent new album. The sound of 2002 will be synthcore: an uncompromisingly synthetic sound with a direct reference to a certain (post-) punk attitude and perspective.

Every single crisp and android note on Resuscitation is delivered in fast and sharp rushes of quasi-pubescent tantrum; box-beats and irritated synthy dialogues burst relentlessly alongside Nicola’s venom-spitting filtered vocals. Listening to her petulant drone in ‘New Object’ is like listening to your grandmother after she’s swallowed a Casio key-tone or two. The lyrics are unashamedly adolescent, reporting disasters of loneliness, nervous exhaustion, nausea and frustrated boredom.

‘Hand To Phone’ has got to be the dancefloor filler everybody should pogo to until its 2999 – all moany grunts and pseudo-erotic laments – while ‘Human wreck’ sounds like you’ll need hospital recovery if you push your stereo decibels beyond mark 7.

There’s a blatant reference to an early 80s analogue aesthetic that may disconcert some, but this retro-vision is dressed up in a techno-like sheen so impeccable that, although thankfully not sanitising the project entirely, does at least validate it in terms of contemporary production. Listen and then check into the nearest neuro-clinic.

Seb Patane <sebpatane AT> is host/DJ for NERD, monthly at Shoreditch Electricity Showrooms, London

Adult // Resuscitation // Adult // Ersatz Audio // (EZCD-15)